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120 Bells

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  • Sleigh Bells-120 Style Individual Bells


    Sleigh Bells-120 Style Individual Bells


    Some of the finest antique-styled all brass petal-design sleigh bells available. These new bells are well made with a bright, clear ringing tone.

    These are the same quality sleigh bells we have been selling for years.
    The 120 bells are slightly different than the 118 Bells. see the Gallery images to see the difference. 118 is on left in each picture and 120 is on right.
    Tone sounds are very similar in both 118 and 120 bells.

    #1-30mm; 2-34mm; 3-35mm; 4-41mm; 5-42mm; 6-44mm; 7-46mm; 8-48; 9-52mm, 10-55mm; 11-59mm;
    12-61mm; 13-65mm; 14-68mm; 15-70mm

    Now available in sizes #1 to #15.

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