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Belt & Buckle Combo Reindeer Profile Buckle


Reindeer Profile Belt & Buckle Combo
PLEASE See Photo below on how to properly measure your Santa belt length.
3.75″ or 4″ Black or Brown Leather Amish made belt from vat dyed leather. This allows the color to be completely through the leather. Buckle is designed by Steve Pulera of Eight Tiny Reindeer
It is a traditional belt buckle with tongue and tang closure. The buckle is cast in quality zinc alloy, and then heavily gold plated for a tarnish-free finish. Not for someone looking for a petite buckle, this one is massive, but beautiful – approximately 5.625″ tall and 8.5″ wide. It is made for use with a full 4″ wide belt, and curved from left to right to accommodate Santa's “cookie zone.” Please note: This is a large, some say – mammoth, and very heavy (about 19 oz) buckle which requires support with ample belt loops on your suit.



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