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Button Made For Mrs Claus- Faceted


Made for Mrs. Claus- Faceted setting

It is not often that Mrs Clauses can have a button designed specifically for them. This beautiful, graceful Made For Mrs Claus button is an all-metal, 19mm (3/4 inch) in diameter button capped with an inset, specially commissioned low profile ruby-like Faceted (previously it was a cabochon) stone in the center. Embossed text, reading “Made for Mrs. Claus” surrounds the center stone and is accented with a snowflake design. The metal is 18k gold-plated with a lightly textured background and highly-polished text and edge details, providing a brilliant shine and durable, non-tarnish surface. A great size for capes, vests, coats, jackets, and skirts. This button was designed by Stephen Arnold.

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