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Buttons- Candy Cane Swirl


Candy Cane Swirl Button 16mm or 5/8″ buttons.These are Resin Buttons NOT Plastic
These buttons will add color and whimsy to any Santa Claus community garment; shirts, blouses, small vests, skirts, pants, little persons' clothing, and more. Made from solid, high quality extruded resin, the colors have been carefully selected to coordinate with Christmas themes. Quantity Discounts as follows: 7-11=$0.58 ea;12-23=$0.54 ea; 24-49=$0.50 ea; 50-99=$0.46 ea; 100-200=$0.42 ea; The design is printed on the buttons. At some time this may fade or lighten in color. Only one customer in over several hundred as ever complained, but we mention it now as full disclosure.

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Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
1 6 $0.60
7 11 $0.59
12 23 $0.58
24 49 $0.56
50 99 $0.54
100 200 $0.52


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