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Hangers- Santa Suit Hangers Heavy Duty 3-Hanger Combo $35


This Combo consist of 3 Hangers one Red, One Green and One White. Total cost is $35
The Worlds Strongest Coat Hanger is a unique coat hanger that can hold a wide variety of items.
Great For Santa Suits items& Mrs. Claus also
Place to hang to Santa Hat so it does not get lost.

Hang the pants and leave the suspenders. Because there is a place specifically for the suspenders.
Next hang the vest. It will not slip off the hanger like it usually does.
Lastly you coat goes on next.

This hanger is strong enough to hold all these items with no problems.
Great for Santas Suit and Also for Mrs. Claus dress, aprons, vest capes etc.
We carry them in all three Santa Colors of Red, Green and White

Constructed of polypropylene — a soft plastic that is not rigid or abrasive against garments — this material allows the hanger to be flexible and shatter resistant. Its I-Beam construction makes it super strong and it has a shear (breaking) strength of 112 lbs. It is nearly 19″ wide x 11.75” tall x 3/4″ deep and weights almost 9 oz.

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Red, Green, White


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