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Coin “I Was Caught Being Good” Bag of 144

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Coin “I Was Caught Being Good”
Plastic Coins- Same design on both side.Has Smiley Face and word phrase “I Was Caught Being Good”.
Comes in five different colors; Blue, Silver, Gold, Copper, Fuchsia.
I give them out to children I encounter all year long
Comes in bag of 144 pieces(12 dozen, one gross)

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1 review for Coin “I Was Caught Being Good” Bag of 144

  1. Perry Eidson (verified owner)

    I give these out to kids, teenagers, and adults and they all love them! I keep a dozen or so in my pockets all the time. Kids just light up! Truth be told, adults do too. I tell the kinds to keep it near their bed so they can see it every morning so it will remind them to mind their moms and dads and teachers so I can come see them at Christmas.

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