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Santa’s Magical Light-Up Thumbs


Magical Light-up Thumb Tips

NOTE: This brand is slightly smaller in size than the D’Lite Brand.

Imagine having a point of brilliant light appear at your fingertips. You toss it freely from hand to hand; it twinkles and shines bright, vanishes and reappears at your fingertips. Dream it and Believe it! All this and much more is possible, with the amazing Santa’s Thumb tips!

Put them on under your gloves to be more magical at your visits!

This item comes with 2 thumb tips. Battery is included.

Lastly if you have larger than average thumbs here is a suggestion. Take out the lights and dropped the thumb tips in boiling water for around 10 sec. Pulled them out and stretched them a little to fit. If you wear gloves, just use the light taped to your thumb or finger. Have fun using these.

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