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Sleigh Bells-China Individual Bells


Some of the finest antique-styled all brass petal-design sleigh bells available. These new bells are well made with a bright, clear ringing tone.

These are the same quality sleigh bells we are using in our boot bells, hand bells and hanging bells sets.
The bells are more rustic looking than the 118 bell (very polished) and 120 bell (less polished)

Now available in sizes #0 to #7. WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF #0 AND #1 BELLS

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Sleigh Bell Sizes

#0 1" 25mm, #1 1-1/8" 31mm, #2 1-1/3" 34mm, #3 1.46" 37mm, #4 1.57" 40mm, #5 1.65" 42mm, #6 1-3/4" 44mm, #7 1.85" 47mm


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