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Coin “Nice & Naughty” Bag of 200

(4 customer reviews)


Nice & Naughty Coin
200 per bag 1/2 red and 1/2 green. Token is 1.5″ in diameter.The tokens are two sided “NICE” on one side “NAUGHTY” on the other.
I give them to Adults and Children through out the years as follows.
Adults-When they tell Santa they have been Nice pull one out and we flip it in the air and 50% of time it lands on Naughty- LOL-

Children- I give it to children with the NICE side up. I tell them they are being good, but I know there have been times when they were naughty and if Mommy or Daddy sees them being naughty then they can turn the coin over and when I come on Christmas Eve, I will be looking for that coin.. Parents love the story and the leverage it gives them with slightly older children should they need it.

These tokens were designed exclusively for us by Stephen Arnold. The Fabled Santa, who is a respected designer of unique items for the Santa Community

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4 reviews for Coin “Nice & Naughty” Bag of 200

  1. James Bethurem

    Bought a 1000 of these in Branson and really like them. The larger size is better for smaller children. I still ask parent before giving out these. I will soon be purchasing another 1000. Several are with me every day.

  2. Daniel Wheeler

    Just what I’m looking for they work well with me and would like to order more latter in the year

  3. Daniel Wheeler

    Enjoy the coins very much

  4. SkyParkSanta (verified owner)

    Over the years I have handed out 1000’s of them. The children like the tokens but I think the adults like them even more. I’m ordering more now.

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