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Ribbons “I Am On Santa’s Nice List” Bag of 100-Red

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Bag of 100 ribbons cost $25- save $5 over buying 2 bags of 50

Nice List Ribbon
Ribbons are 2 inches wide and 8 inches long.
Ribbon has Santa's Image at the top and the Phrase “I Am On Santa's Nice List”
Children and especially Adults are thrilled for Santa to give them one of these ribbons.
Being a mall Santa and give them to mall staff and the staff at hotel we stay in for 7 weeks during the season and they wear their ribbon each & everyday. Give them to others throughout the year. We also sell bags of 100 safety pins to put them on with @ $6 per 100 pins

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2 reviews for Ribbons “I Am On Santa’s Nice List” Bag of 100-Red

  1. lars pate (verified owner)

    These are wonderful to give out. Young or old everyone loves them.I give out somewhere around 400 plus a year.

  2. JOHNNIE ROBERTS (verified owner)

    We give these away to the mothers of babies for their baby books. They all say this is a great idea. Santa Johnnie

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